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Musical Artist

George Bellas is a Composer and Recording Artist. He is proficient on guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, and he composes for all instruments in classical, contemporary, and futuristic styles. He has written, recorded and performed on over twenty-five albums released worldwide.

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Core Values

Imagination • Creativity • Authenticity • Ingenuity • Individualism • Perseverance • Discipline • Diligence


At my very core it is my vivid imagination that propels all other values that I hold dear. Without a deep sense of imagination, creativity would be mediocre and more in line with the ordinary than the extraordinary. A rich and imaginative mind is the fuel for creativity that results in ingenuity.


Initiated by a vibrant and relentless imagination, creativity in various forms is immensely satisfying and undoubtedly the most joyous activity of my existence. Creating something out of nothing and being central to the evolutionary process is indescribably stimulating.


Being authentic and not following trends or mimicking others is an integral part of my core. I stay true to myself by not altering anything I stand for in order to be accepted by others in any way. Copying others in an attempt to fit into social groups is not part of my character.


Having a keen sense of cleverness and creating with fresh and inventive ideas is extremely exciting, opposed to using similar attributes to sources of inspiration. Ingenuity stems from having courage to explore radically new ideas that don’t fit into any accepted mold and are outside the norm.


As an independent thinker, not adhering to societal expectancies within a herd mentality or relying on others for any part of my creativity is how I am wired. Being liberated from external influence and the reliance on others in order to venture an evolutionary path to create something unlike anything I’ve heard before is and always has been who I am.


I never quit. I am willing to fail in order to continue striving. Facing adversity or times of bliss, I will always continue striving towards achievement. Success is defined not by numbers or opinions, rather it is defined by what brings happiness and fulfillment to the human experience.


I have always exercised an extreme level of discipline with intense focus that allows me to develop my abilities significantly beyond current limits. I will always continue to aspire for growth and will never feel I have achieved a level at which I become content.


I live by an everlasting devotion to train myself in such a way that it enables me to create music that is undeniably unique to me. The constant pursuit of personal growth is an innate characteristic built in my core that drives the spontaneous exploration and critical thinking that results in a never-ending creative outpour.