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Colonizing The Stars

Released February 22, 2018

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Colonizing The Stars

Profoundly Unique, Highly Eccentric, and Imaginatively Futuristic are just some words to describe “Colonizing The Stars” the killer new album from world acclaimed composer and guitar virtuoso George Bellas out on February 22, 2018.

The album "Colonizing The Stars" by George Bellas contains nine epic compositions in a futuristic style with a palette of lyrically-flowing melodies, otherworldly harmonizations, and inventive rhythms all sounding through a barrage of guitar, bass, drums, choirs, and orchestral instrumentation.

Inspired by modern and futuristic scenarios of humankind's existence alongside artificial intelligence and the need to colonize the stars in order to prevent the extinction of the human race.

Envisioned in a time where the human species is living and breeding on new worlds throughout the universe, where entirely new languages and human form and cerebral abilities have evolved. Traveling to distant stars has been accomplished using a technology that encapsulates and transports human DNA along with eons of collective information to the outer reaches of the cosmos within light waves.

"Monumental orchestral arrangements with a fascinating interaction of guitar, keyboards and choir."
Guitar Russia

There is a lot to listen to on this album. The music is visionary and very deep with dense polyphonic textures weaving in and out over a myriad of outlandish meters and rhythms. The melodic content is very lyrical and flowing in which all instruments at some point execute.

There is only a single guitar used throughout the entire album, meaning absolutely no double tracked guitars were recorded. Using a single guitar was an effort to leave room on the soundstage for the choirs and other instruments and also to situate a dedicated location in the stereo and frequency spectrum. A full range of choirs were used, including a boys choir, girls choir, sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. The style of writing is exceptionally unique and in a class of its own.

"George Bellas is much more than just another guy who knows how to play electric guitar very quickly and technically. He is a serious composer, innovator, and musical teacher who generously shares his knowledge with students."
Guitar Russia

The organization of the album is in a symphony sonata cycle with three cycles containing three movements each. Each three movement cycle is in the format of Movement 1 - Fast, Movement 2 -Slow, Movement 3 - Fastest. Each cycle utilizes modified forms of Sonata Allegro, Minuet and Trio, and Rondo.

"Colonizing the Stars" was mastered with the entire dynamic range left intact. No limiting was used during mastering. Use your volume control and... Turn it up!

Released Worldwide
Bellas Music Studio


  1. Imaginary Construct
  2. Vision In A Dream
  3. Sensory Overload
  4. Robot Nine
  5. Pray For Me
  6. Merging With Machines
  7. Living In A Simulation
  8. Child Of The Stars
  9. Existence

Running Time 52:00


  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • George Bellas - Bass
  • George Bellas - Keyboards
  • Peter Fredlander - Drums
  • San Francisco Childrens Choir
  • Sofia Choir of Bulgaria
  • Written by George Bellas
  • Produced by George Bellas
  • Artwork by Andre Beckston
  • © 2018 George Bellas
  • ℗ Bellas Tune Factory, BMI.


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Thanks to my family and lifelong friends for all of the never ending support and understanding of my ambitious creative goals and the high-volume work ethic that I live by. And another deep and heartfelt thank you to my students and fans around the globe. I appreciate each and every one of you so much.
George Bellas