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The Dawn OF Time

Released July 16, 2010

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The Dawn OF Time

Guitarist and Composer George Bellas is back with his latest instrumental jewel: “The Dawn Of Time”. This is an instrumental album rich in Romanticism and Futurism with over-the-top performances by Marco Minnemann and George Bellas.

The album contains a diverse collection of 19 songs that range from simple and delicate, to complex and ferocious. The production is dynamic, clean, and has an open sound to it allowing the music to breath naturally. On this album the arrangements are short and accessible, and the songs euphonious and tonal, especially when compared to George's previous album, which was a single 76 min song and atonal for the most part. Some songs on "The Dawn Of Time" utilize compositional techniques and elements from the baroque, classical and romantic eras, and others are more progressive that use advanced modern elements.

"In an ideal world almost all guitarists would play like George Bellas in “The Dawn of Time”."
Power Metal
" George Bellas has proven himself to be the guitar virtuoso of 2010 and despite living in a different time and playing in a different genre deserves to be remembered as we do now with the likes of Mozart, Bach, Lennon and McCartney. This is timeless music of undisputed quality making it definitive George Bellas."
Virtuosity One
"George Bellas' The Dawn Of Time is sure to be a welcome release by anyone who appreciates skillfully performed music from two master musicians, which is both diverse and imaginative."
Sea of Tranquility
"Credit to George's composing skills as this CD doesn't get dragged down by its duration at eighty minutes due to so much material."
Sea of Tranquility
"While Bellas is immensely inspiring throughout, the songs and his guitar work keep the listener hooked and listening. A raw and sometimes missing ingredient from some guitar hero works, Bellas' work turns on creativity and accessibility rather than alienation from the weight of his skill."
Danger Dog
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Released Worldwide
Lion Music Records


  1. Cyclone
  2. Seeding The Universe
  3. Let There Be Light
  4. The Dawn Of Time
  5. Machine Man
  6. Voyage To Triangulum
  7. Mysterious Light
  8. Mystical Dream
  9. Glimmering Stardust
  10. Electromagnetic
  11. Genesis Of Life
  12. Carbon Creature
  13. Suns Of Andromeda
  14. We Are Not Alone
  15. Nightmare Awoken
  16. Primordial Atom
  17. Metropolis
  18. Always At My Side
  19. The Angels Are Calling

Running Time 79:57


  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • George Bellas - Bass
  • George Bellas - Keyboards
  • Marco Minnemann- Drums
  • Written by George Bellas
  • Produced by George Bellas
  • Mixed by George Bellas
  • Mastered by George Bellas
  • Artwork by George Bellas
  • © 2010 George Bellas
  • ℗ Bellas Tune Factory, BMI.


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Thanks to Marco Minnemann, Lars Eric Mattson, and Andy at Lion Music. A monumental amount of gratitude goes out to my family for their lifelong support and understanding of my passionately driven creative endeavors. And another genuinely heartfelt thank you to my students and fans around the world. I appreciate all of you so very much.
George Bellas