Masterclass in Spain

Masterclass in Spain

During the summer of 2007 George conducted several master-classes at a guitar school in Malaga, Spain. The following pictures show parts of the visit to this beautiful city. The city of Malaga is located on the southern coast of Spain and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The picture on the right is of Malaga's sea port that was taken from a lookout tower of an ancient Spanish castle.

The master-classes were conducted over a span of a week and included a group of students in each class and were also fitted with a linguistics translator. During lunch and dinner the faculty and students would routinely treat George to an amazing Mediterranean buffet of seafood on the beach. Amazing people and amazing Mediterranean food along with hours upon hours of intense guitar classes.

Impromptu on the Beach

While having lunch on the coast of Spain with a group of students and faculty, an innocent bystander walks by pulling a make-shift amp on rollers and carrying a red strat-style guitar. While walking past the table we were having lunch at, several students looked at the guy pulling the amp, looked at me, turned and looked at each other, and then proceeded to jump up and run over to the guy with the guitar and amp. Within minutes I had this guy's guitar strapped on cranking through his amp and improvising. Not before long, and little did I know (as I was in the zone soloing), a crowd of people were huddled around listening and watching. This person was very cool to let me just play his guitar for a good amount of time, but after I was done and thanked him for his generosity, he quickly left and was then nowhere to be found. The following few pictures show me chilling out in the sun and having a great time doing an impromptu on the southern coast of Spain overlooking Africa.

Performing on the Beach in Spain

Performing on the Beach in Spain

Performing on the Beach in Spain

Performing on the Beach in Spain

Performing on the Beach in Spain

There is a crowd of people in front watching

Spanish Castle Magic

Recording Guitar Tracks in Spain

Overlooking the Mediteranian Sea

Dining on the Beach

The first picture below shows George and a few faculty members during a lunch break on the beach. The following picture is of the first night in Spain being inaugurated with an endless assortment of fine Spanish cuisine. The third picture is of George and students roaming the ancient streets of Malaga after a long day of guitar studies.

The third and fourth pictures are of George and a few students shown immediately following a class. The students were pumped and eager to practice what they had just learned. The middle picture is of George standing on the allure (a walkway atop of a castle wall shielded by a wall) of a Spanish castle that overlooks the city. The final pictures, which were taken a top of a castle allure, is of Malaga's sea port on the Mediterranean Sea. And finally we have Juanma and George shown standing on top of a castle's watchtower. Thanks to Juanma and all the students and staff of the Acedemia De Guitarra.

Feasting on the Beach with Friends

Being Inaugurated with Fine Spanish Cuisine

Roaming the Streets of Spain at Night

George with Students after a Class

Overlooking Malaga Spain

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Walking through an Ancient Spanish Castle