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With decades of playing, composing, recording and teaching experience, George Bellas brings to you personalized guitar and composing lessons in the comfort of your home. These are live video lessons with acclaimed composer and guitarist George Bellas as your instructor. Upon starting lessons George will devise a systematic plan to help you achieve the goals you would like to accomplish. Included will be an evaluation of your knowledge and current abilities followed by suggestions to hone in on areas that will help you reach your goals. These are often areas that a student may not realize the importance of, but are paramount in helping increase skill level efficiently within the shortest amount of time.

Mission Statement

If you are serious and passionate about your guitar playing, and are willing to practice to become the best that you can be, these lessons will help you do just that in a short amount of time.  Using proven strategies, I will devise and implement a plan that will increase your skill beyond what you might not have even thought possible. I will teach you with the same proven methods that have helped me achieve my goals as a guitarist, composer and international recording artist.

Lesson Subjects

Online Lessons offer a range of subjects to study, including composition, guitar performance, orchestration, and recording classes. This program contains one of the most comprehensive set of lessons available today. Each lesson is designed to efficiently work towards accomplishing the goals of the student. Live Online Lessons are available for computers, tablets, and cell phones.

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Online Lessons


With these lessons you will gain:

  • A complete understanding of music
  • Mastery of composition and performance techniques
  • Confidence in improvising, composing, and performing live
  • Invaluable insight into the music industry
  • A unique style of your own

Advantages to these lessons:

  • Learn from a world renowned composer and guitarist with over 25 albums to his credit
  • Personalized strategy to reach your goals
  • Interactive Live Feedback
  • An instructor that was discovered and signed to the most elite guitar label in the world
  • Learn at your own pace in your own home
  • Structured for maximum creative enrichment and rapid growth

Getting Started

These lessons are of the highest quality available today. George has taught thousands of students worldwide with private, group, and electronic media lessons, and is heralded as an esteemed instructor that possesses a vast amount of knowledge, experience and an approach that yields results. Everyday is an important step towards reaching your goals as a proficient guitarist and composer.

Are you ready to excel beyond your current limits?

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Online Lessons


Online Lessons is an online based lesson program that offers composition, guitar performance, orchestration, and recording classes with composer and guitarist George Bellas as your instructor. This program presents a myriad of unique challenges that continuously challenge, strengthen and develop the student's skills as a composer, guitarist and recording artist.

Skype Music Lessons

Composition classes that include in-depth teaching of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, 16th, 18th, and 21st century counterpoint. This program will teach you how to compose using a variety of classical and modern composing techniques.

Skype Music Lessons

Guitar performance classes that cover a broad range of the technical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of guitar playing.

Skype Music Lessons

Orchestration classes that utilize modern tools to teach a myriad of techniques that have been utilized by countless composers throughout the centuries. From 16th century Palestrina style vocal arrangements to modern day scoring.

Skype Music Lessons

Maximimze your musical skills by learning how to record, mix and master your recorded music in a way that will stand up to commercial releases.

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Online Lessons


Online Lessons

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully. By starting lessons you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

  • No unauthorized recording.
  • No selling or giving away lesson material.
  • Students must be available at the designated lesson time.
  • Missed lessons are forfeited and non-refundable.
  • Students agree to study and practice the material that is assigned to them.
  • Assignments must be completed prior to the next lesson.
  • Students must stay focused and on topic during the lesson.
  • Be courteous when an example is being played or during an explanation.
  • Lesson packages must be used within a 4 week period.

Technical Issues

In the event that a technical problem arises and you either 1) lose connection during the lesson or 2) are not able to log in for the lesson, you will have 7 days to makeup the lesson. Proof of the technical issue will be required to be eligible for a makeup lesson.


Lessons are required to be prepaid before any time allotments are guaranteed. Payments are in USD only.

Accepted forms of payment:

  • VISA
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Online Lessons

Optimizing Configuration

The following are suggestions to maximixe the quality of video and audio for the best lesson experience.

Hi-Quality Webcam

Using a hi-quality webcam will enable me to see you clearly and help in making accurate assessments regarding your form and technique. It has no affect on the quality of video you receive from me.

Hi-Quality Microphone

Using a hi-quality microphone will enable me to hear you clearly and efficiently. It has no affect on the quality of audio you receive from me. Some webcams have a built-in microphone, this is usually sufficient, but a dedicated microphone will typically give better results. This has no affect on the audio-quality that you hear from me.

Hi-Speed Internet Service

This affects how fast your computer can display and send video. This is a crucial ingredient for smooth video. If you have a cable modem or DSL you will be fine. Generally, if you can upload and download at 1.5mps or faster that will be sufficient for good performance.

Fast Computer

A newer computer will be able to decode the video information more efficiently and help eliminate poor video quality. It doesn't have to be the latest greatest, but don't expect optimal performance on an ancient machine.

Sound System

For a completely immersive experience, a sound system connected to your computer is recommended opposed to the built-in speakers of your computer. Built-in speakers will certainly work, and will allow you to hear the lesson, but having a dedicated speaker system allows you more volume and to be immersed in the sound.

Close All Other Applications

Closing all other running applications on your computer will help dedicate processing power to decoding the video and audio, which will result in smoother video performance.

Limit Household Bandwidth Usage

It is recommended that your computer is the only one accessing the internet during the lesson. If you share your internet connection with others through a router, your computer will be prone to choppy video playback. Ask others that share the internet connection to please wait until after the lesson.

Keep Software Up-To-Date

Keeping your software up-to-date ensures that you are utilizing the fastest and most reliable version of the software. Although, in some cases you may find that an older version is best suited for your computer and operating system. Check with the software developer to determine the system requirements.

For Online Lessons, George uses:

  • Hi-Definition Webcam
  • Dual Microphones
  • Hi-Speed Internet Connection
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