Fan Mail

Mail from Amazing People Around the World

I am deeply humbled and appreciate every one of you for writing to me and expressing your thoughts. I value everything you have to say. Thank you so very much!
George Bellas

Hello George,

My name is Alexander from Montreal, Canada. Just the other day I was like listening to some MP3's on the net, and I heard one (from your site) that totally sent me to God knows where. I fell from my chair and couldn't believe it. George you really are inspiring. I left work (I work in an architectural firm) and went to the closest music store and ordered all your albums that were available. I'm waiting now, impatiently to get a call from the record store so I can go pick them up. I will order you instructional videos soon too.

Sorry I can't find words to really express how your music touched me. All i can say is that I felt it more with my heart than with my ears.

Thank you for everything and for taking the time to read my letter.

Alexander S. Camalda


Hey George,

I wanted to check out your site I heard one of your cd's, you are a monster, I love your sweeps.



Dear George,

I recently got a CD by singer John West. On this CD, you were playing guitar, and I thought I'd look for your name on the Internet. In this way I found your website and I decided to send you this message. I've been a great fan of good guitarists like you (but also Yngwie Malmsteen, Bruce Bouillet and Joey Tafolla) for quite a few years. I not only listen to good music, but I also collect autographed photos and guitar picks of my favorite guitarists. Therefore, I would like to ask you if it might be possible that I buy an autographed photo and a guitar pick from you?

Thank you,

Eelco Schrik

The Netherlands

To: george
Subject: you are amazing!!!!!

Dear George Bellas,

Hello!!! This is a young guitar player from Argentina. I want to tell you that you are an amazing guitar player!!! I love all your guitar work, specially from your album "Mind Over Matter". That albums is great! Well, that all for this time. Goodbye Master!

Regards from Argentina,

Eduardo "Bellas" García.

Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.

Hello George,

My name is Justin Tolan. I am an aspiring virtuoso guitar. I am 14 years old and have been playing the guitar an and off for over 6 years and for the past three or four years have gotten really interested in your style of playing. I am absolutely in love with neo-classical guitar playing and think that you have better technique that anybody with a guitar in their hands. I have been taking lessons from a guy who says he has to talked to you before, his name is Howie Bently. Thanks a lot George I hope to meet you one day. Have a good one.

- Justin


Hey man.

Well, first off, I'm a guitarist from Georgia that is 16 years old. When Justin showed me some of your videos online, i was blown away! I over rated so many guitarists in the past, and i wasn't aware of the amazing talent there was out there. I was amazed at all the shredding, yet you were so melodical, it was a style I'd never seen before. All i can say is keep up the good work and the guitar playing. Thanks to guitarists like you, people like me and Justin are inspired and motivated to be our best. Eventually when i save up my money, I'm gonna purchase some of those lessons you have online on your site. take care, and keep up the shredding!





How are you, how has your last couple of months been? hope things have been working well for you and i wish you much success... well my question is based on technique only, and though I know you do not believe in playing fast just for the sake of playing fast, I have a question for you anyway... how fast do you think its possible to go with 32nd note runs (of any kind)... how fast can you get economy picked lines? again you don't have to answer if you don't want to... but i was just curious to find out from a pro such as yourself that has mastered the technical level of playing to such a refined level... thanks...


ps - I especially like your counterpoint ideas... such as the solo part of "Airborne"! Thanks again.

Hi George,

I just happened to visit your web site today, and I simply *had* to drop you a line to tell you just how impressed I am with your guitar playing! The videos that you have on your site are just awesome!

After hearing your examples I immediately placed an order for your albums TotM and MOM. Next week I'll also get your album with Vitalij Kuprij. (I have his albums with Greg Howe, but I wasn't aware that he had also worked with you.)

I am not a professional musician (I'm a graduate student of mathematics, about to complete my Ph.D.) but I have been playing the guitar for about eight years now. And I LOVE shredding, especially, shredding that is as melodic and creative as yours and Howe's. I also like Lane, Holdsworth, Mishoe, etc., but there is something about your playing that really connects with me. That first video on your site is really the kind of stuff I love. Thank you so much for making such wonderful music; this may sound strange but excellence like this, regardless of the field, actually makes me more creative in my mathematical research too!

Now I can't wait until your albums arrive.

Do you have any plans to perform live in NYC anytime soon?

Sorry for making the message so long, but your guitar playing has really been a revelation to me and I just wanted to let you know that.

Best of luck in all your endeavors.




You're such a sick player I can't believe it's possible to play at your level. You're either gifted by god or made a deal with the devil. LOL

Thanks Again, Derek


I respect your playing and you have been a incredible influence on my playing in the last few years... the album Extreme Measures I personally feel that between you and Vitalij Kuprij it set new standards on Neoclassical rock guitar playing.... thanks so much for such great music and I did purchase Ring of Fire great album!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Mills, Neoclassical Rock Guitar Player

Dear Mr. George Bellas...

My name is John Christopher and I have been thinking of writing you for a while since I 1st discovered you while searching for "shred guitar" on-line. 1st let me tell you that I am (and have been) an aspiring shredder for MANY years.. and have just recently started realizing my dream of becoming a competent player capable of having complete control over my instrument (which I love only second from my wife, and God).

In 1987-'88 I discovered an add for Shrapnel Records and read about a guitarist named Vinnie Moore. I made the discovery that sent me in an unending search for my TRUE "love" and passion. I had heard Yngwie before.. but his style and sound never did hit me right. I discovered Racer X, Cacaphony (Jason Becker/Marty Friedman).. and like players. LOVED the technique but they always seemed to be missing something. I wondered if these players were REALLY few and far between. Or if very few would ever take the next step and take it further or if such technical playing would soon die out and be no more. ! Anyway, toen all of this.. I soon became VERY bored and disappointed in players like V. Moore, Paul Gilbert etc.. and searched but could never find players that would inspire me in the way I wanted to be inspired. Then one day, I decided to check out a websight called it had a search engine... I typed in SHRED GUITAR.. and made some WONDERFUL discoveries... THEN, I found a vid clip of you playing "Phrygian #3 Improv." I have to tell you, in ALL honesty.. I have almost NEVER been more inspired! I have LISTENED TO THAT CLIP OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. still do. I am amazed that EVERYthing you play in that clip is SOOOO close to how I hear that scale in my head.. the tasty licks, the phrasing... EVERYTHING.. it inspires me beyond belief. I became very exited once I discovered the vid clips on your websight. I am so incredibly inspired by your playing. And I have listened to CRAPloads of shredders.. but you just hit all the right spots man. Sends chills down me.

Take care,
John Christopher


Fantastisc site, great music really inspiring.

Not to come across too deep or anything but do you ever find this thing called music is tapping into a unanswered part of the brain. In the sense that you must find your self hearing many different musical ideas without touching an instrument. Im not claiming to have this ability but I have found myself conjuring awesome orchestral compositions in my mind but having a slight block putting it on paper.

How did you overcome this Practice etc, I think you know what I mean.


Dear George,

How are you? Where i buy your CD Venomous Fingers. Because this CD is only that i haven't. I loved the CD of Ring of Fire, congratulations. Excuse my English.


Your fan #1 from Brazil, São Paulo

Dear Mr Bellas,

You know I listen to "The Oracle" every night I love the chromatic run in "Circle of Time", the solo of "Vengeance for Blood" it's AWESOME.

Your Fan,


To: george
Subject: Super Bellas!

Hello George,

My name's Lenny and I'm an Italian girl and guitarist. I'm writing to you because you're my favorite artist. I've heard a lots of guitarists in my life, but no one has a passionate guitar-playing as you. Without doubt you've got an incredible technique precision, but the things that captured me completely is the big feeling and passion you put in every note you play... you are the best!

I've done some beautiful portraits of you and I'd really like to send you them; can you give me a P.O. Box of you? Please, it's really important to me!

Your fan,




You have an amazing talent. Just a quick question. Is the song "Violin Solo" on your Mind Over Matter album done on the guitar? If so, WOW! That is amazing!

Best Regards,

Chris Roper

Hi george,

Im 12 years old and come from Australia and i am very serious about music. My influences include Malmsteen, Vai, Petrucci, Micheal Romeo, Macalpine, Vinnie Moore, Becker BUT above all YOU!!! I think you are amazing and dont get the true recognition you deserve. But I am afraid of the industry. Eminemand Limp Bizkitare the so called "gods" for young people today. Over the years it has just kept getting worse! I'm afraid in another few years when I start my career guitar will be forgotten and "rap"- will rule the earth! So I will have to be a session player- I DONT WANT TO BEA LOCAL SESSION PLAYER!!!! I knowI have what it takes to make it and have many strong compositions, BUT opportunities are little 'coz I'm only 12 and are even smaller 'coz i live in Australia. Can you please give me some advice on what i should do?


James W


Hi George,

Pretty much WOW WOW WOW is all I can say!!! :-)

All the best,

Ricky Garcia

Hi George,

We are Ritchie and Cyril from a guitar duo called "Heavy Guitars" from France. We are fan since we encountered "Turn of the Millennium". We are about to release our first instrumental album, it will be released by French label... We would love to have you as a guest, for a solo ! we guess that you got a bunch of stuff going on, and you probably wonder about our music. We would really be honored, if you could do that, man. Please answer as fast as possible, cause we need to finish the album by the end of August.

Take care,

Ritchie & Cyril


Dear George,

My name is david i'm live in hong kong play classical style guitar, i have your two album and crazy listen it. i have some question,i hope u can answer me: 1.if practice scale,do you suggest like violin player to finger perparation (choromatic scale example):c,b,a#,a use 4,3,2,1 finger on1st string and cross to g,f#,f,e use 4,3,2,1 finger on 2nd string.that mean ipick 2nd string (g note) use pinky ,same time, i put my ring,middle finger on same string for perparation,do you play like this ? 2.i look your some photo and lesson about barre a two strings and i;learn to practice a barre technique.index,middle,ring finger.but poor pinky....its hard to play you used pinky to barre two strings??

sorry my english language too bad, but i hope you can receive my letter and understand my mind... god bless you...

Your fans, David

Hong Hong

How long are your [lesson] cd roms in minutes. You're the greatest player I have ever seen. I want to buy your lessons.

hey, I wanted to thank you for your great website. Everything a person needs to know about learning to play the guitar is here. I rank you as a spirit right above god.

You are the best. Master of the speed.



Hey, I heard your amazing solo in Airborne (how the freakin heck do you travis pick so darn fast!). but I don't know what it is and how hard it is to do it. But I love shred metal and neo-classical metal and would love to learn how to 2 string sweep.

You're the most amazing guitarist I have ever heard and I would like to learn how to play as fast as you can and if sweeping will help me do that than ill buy the lesson.


I checked out your mp3's of Audiodrome, sounds awesome I love "Dont Go There" wicked tune bro. Thanks George and keep rockin man, you're truly a gifted musician.



Hi, I just discovered your music the other day on the Chops from Hell and was very impressed by your playing and your music. Great listening music. thanks



I finally found one of your albums "Turn of the Millennium" 2 blocks north from W48st Manny's MusicStore in Manhattan.I got it yesterday after work. You got a new fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks again.


Mr Bellas -

I recently stumbled upon your works. you are a genius. I love the guitar intro on your website. Could you tell what song that is from. Its beautiful. It's like a symphony of guitars. Take care and keep writing amazing tunes.


Hi, my name is Jason and I am a huge fan of yours. I consider you one of the big boys of guitar. I especially love your work on John West's album I cant wait for the new solo CD.

thank you - Jason

Ciao George,

I'm Francesco from Italy. The cds I would like to buy are all your solo albums Turn of the Millennium, Mind over Matter, Venomous Fingers.



Hey George,

My name is Colin Larson. I'm an instrumental guitarist from St. Louis, MO. I have your cd's "Turn Of The Millennium," "Mind Over Matter," and also the Mogg/Way cd "Edge Of The World." I just ordered the Vitalij Kuprij cd "Extreme Measures" a few days ago also. I think your composing, technique, tone, and phrasing are awesome and mind-boggling. You are a truly gifted guitarist.

Do you think you will ever have a gear section on your site? Since I'm a total gear head junkie I'd definitely would like to know what type of guitar pick or picks you use as well as guitar strings - gauge and brand. I think picks have a lot to do with tone and attack. There are a lot of players I know here in St. Louis that want to develop better picking speed and accuracy but there are using a real flimsy light gauge pick. I always tell them they need to switch to a heavier pick. Do you use those standard shaped Purple Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks or the Dunlop 2.0mm Gator Grip picks? These are the two I like. Also George, what types of guitar pickups do you use in your strats. I use either the HS-3's in my strats or the new Virtual Vintage pickups from Dimarzio.

Anyway, thank you so much for creating some fabulous instrumental music. Your playing inspires me a great deal.

Take Care,


Hello George

It was my sincere pleasure to come upon your site during my travels online. I must say I'm impressed. You have many gifts. I wish you success in all endeavors. May you achieve all in life you so desire. My name is Micheal Teal. I am a Psychic / Spiritual Advisor in Canada. I found your site and accomplishments quite interesting. Your talents are many . May joy and prosperity be yours always.

Forever in Peace,

Micheal Teal


Hi George,

I'm Dimitris from Greece and I'm 24 years old.I listen your music in your site and i watched the videos (you blow me away with your amazing playing!!!!!). I'm interested to take lessons from you:-). I send you a solo that i record in my computer for you tell me your opinion if you want:-). i waiting for your replay.

Bye George,



Hey George,

Wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the inspiration that I have received from your playing. I am the guitarist for the rock opera Rasputin, starring Ted Neely, and also play guitar with Rock/Fusion/Progressive act xfusion we have some downloads and some links to other projects. Your critique would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks George again for the inspiration!!!!

Christopher Gordon
Director of Music, Grand School of Music

Hey George!

I think your instructional material is great!! I have been practicing some of the exercises myself and find them quite challenging. Can't get them running so smoothly yet, but I know its all about practice and patience.

Wish you all the best,




I am looking for a copy of the album "Extreme Measures" for the last year and can find no where that has it stocked can you tell me where i might find this album as it is the only one i don't have with your guitar playing any help would be cool.



Hey George!,

I really like the new Audiodrome samples. Can't wait to hear the completed works.

Take Care,



Hi George,

I´m your Brazilian fan #1. How are you? I´d like to buy your CD Venomous Fingers.

Thank you very much,



Hello, I'm sorta new to acoustic guitar and have been a fan of Bellas for a while. I want to play both standard classical acoustic and neo-classical metal (I'm learning on acoustic first to build up my long fingers), but i don't wanna spend 80 something bucks to get something too advanced for me. but it's kinda worth it to see Bellas play one of his fast as freak solos.

LA Hunley


Just wanted to let you know that you ROCK! I've been following your music since your first shrapnel release (5 yrs ago i believe? damn it's been a while) I'm planning to start taking lessons with you within the next 3 yrs. I definitely look forward to starting the instructional! series.

Take care and keep up the good work, D

Hi George!

I'm your big fan from Finland... and I'd like to ask you something:

How do you pick scales so fast??? do you use so called Frank Gambale technique??? Or do you use only alternate picking... and do you pick four notes/string in those LIGHTNING fast scale licks??? How do you do it!!!??? =)))

I'w been in contact with your student Mikko Kosonen, he's back in Finland now... and he's EP is coming soon for sale, can't wait!!!

Ok thanks for your time!!!

-Mikko Sinkkonen







My name is Sommart from Thailand. Did you have your custom guitar pick? If yes how can I do for get some of them? Hope not disturb you.



Hi George, my name is Marcelo Ramirez, and im a singer in a local rock band in my city CONCEPCION. I tell you about the other guitarists come to my country in tours or clinics, Yngwie M, Marty F, Paul G, Joe S, Steve V, Roland G etc. And i really like to see you, i think you are the great guitarist, mundial level. Come to my country and my city please, many people like to see and a listen you. i wait for a day to see face to face, and tell me for your rock experiences. Bye friend and write me OK?

see you,
Marcelo Ramirez.

Chile, South America

Hey George,

First off, your material is just simply amazing...I just love it. But I have question: In the "3 String Arpeggio" sample vid on your site, you get them to sound so clear, it's stunning. I've tried it many times, but no success. How do you do it?

Thanks for your time,

Dear Maestro,

I'm Andrea from Venice - Italy and I need information about your music. When will your new release be available in the music stores? What is "venomous fingers"? Is that a new song or whatever? Thanx in advance for a possible reply.


Venice, Italy

Hi George -

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I think you smoke! I have the 2 solo cds -"Turn Of The Millennium" and "Mind Over Matter" plus the Moog/Way "Edge Of The World"cd. I've been trying to hunt down "Extreme Measures" - everywhere I go, they seem to be out of stock and on backorder! I just now realized {I don't know where the hell I've been!} you were from the Chicago area like myself. {I live on the southwest side - not too far from Midway} I have to come see you live if you ever play in the area - are you in fact scheduled to play anywhere here soon? I was wondering if it is possible to purchase a couple of your picks. I am an avid collector - mostly of the "heavier" guitarists like yourself. I would love to be able to add your pick to my collection. I collect them because I'm a huge guitar fan {I don't play - wish I could!} - not a clown out to make a buck on them - like so many people, if you can call them that, are trying to do. I would really appreciate it if I could - please let me know. In the meantime, I am trying to hunt down the rest of the cds you've worked on.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Wilhelmy

I love the two instrumental albums you have, and your work with Ring of Fire. I look forward to the Magellan album and your 3rd instrumental, and I have no doubt both will be masterful. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and keep it real!

~ Luke.

Hi George (if it's you who is really reading this).

I have written to you before and I'm a 12 year old guitarist from Gold Coast, Australia. What I'm actually writing to you is that I am recording a demo of me with my dad's good friend Joe Delelande (a session drummer) of me with neo-classical shred compositions of mine (and a Steve Vai song) and I was asking how I could send it to you when I'm finished recording. I would love if you can hear it as you are one of my biggest inspirations in my life along with Vitalij, Malmsteen, Symphony X, Rhapsody... etc (the list goes on... ). Your technique are incredible and sense of melody is fantastic and I absolutely love your music and it will be a true honor if you can hear my work as I truly admire yours.

PS: Where could I find a "Fast and the Furious" TAB or music book.

Thanks heaps, JAMES W.

Hi George! :-)

I'm Lenny, the Italian girl who wrote to you an e-mail on 5/29/02, do you remember? I'm writing this e-mail just to tell you that today I've sent a drawing of you with a letter to the address of Bellas Music Studio. I hope you received my letter soon and I hope you like it! You always remain the best shredder with the strongest feeling I have listened!

I hope to hear from you soon,



Hello George,

My name is Christopher Gordon, I am Director of Music at The Grand School of Music located in Wilmington Del. I am also the head of the guitar department and a performer in the progressive, neo-classical shred genre. I have performed with Ted Neeley in a new rock opera.."Rasputin" witch is currently no.1 on the Classical and Opera MP3 charts, and am tracking a new album featuring my own band xfusion. Your playing has been an inspiration and has raised the bar so to speak for me and my students. My curriculum is based heavily in this style and my young students have really grabbed hold of it. I would like to speak with you in depth about putting together a "Shred Summit" here at the school sometime soon. I have two theaters, one 1200 seater and a 300 seater, 4 studios for workshops and Master Classes, 7 individual large size lesson rooms, and a midi studio/workstation nearing completion, not to mention a fully operational 24 track disc recorder. I would like to invite some of the top players in the genre obviously including yourself..please contact me so we can talk logistics....I look forward from hearing from you....

Christopher Gordon, Director of Music


Hello, The Audiodrome clips sound incredible. And I cant wait for your instrumental album Venomous Fingers!!!!!




Thank you so much, just to let you know that I got today the courses and you sent me the ear training too!! thank you:) There some much stuff here I'm very happy Ill keep you posted Marco


I am Jim Martinez, I have e-mailed you 2 times and you have responded quite quickly, Thank you. My 3 Year Old Daughter Kendall loves your guitar work on" Totalled" on Mogg/Way.Could you send her an autographed picture becouse I always show her on the disc who you are(also on the Mogg/Way website)!! If you can send it to : Kendall Martinez , Thank you and keep rocking!!! P.S. I like your solo on Mother Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!



George, you have to come to Australia, Adelaide especially. Everyone's waiting! My cousin and I love your shit. We talk about your music almost every night. How the hell did you write the last song on your Mind Over Matter album. We've decided that we'll pretend it's not on there, its just too in depth and it depresses me because nobody has any idea of what you are capable of. How the fuck do you do it? Keep it up. See ya in Australia mate.


Dear Mr. Bellas,

I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere appreciation for your musicianship. You truly are a great player. I would love to correspond with you and maybe take a few pointers on getting signed to an indie label. Tell me your story. I've included my web page which will tell you a little about me and has a sample of my playing. I hope to hear from you soon. You are truly an inspiring guitarist.

Sincerly Yours,

Dannyjoe Carter

Subj: Great Album!

To: GTBellas@***.com

I don't know if George Bellas is really reading this or not but if he is Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently got the album "mind over matter" and was thoroughly impressed.

You have a lot of talent and a great feel for classical music. Keep up the Good Work!!!!!

To: GTBellas@***.com

Subj: Great Stuff

Just want express my opinion on your CD "Mind over Matter". It's good to see there are still great players like yourself out there putting out cool music. I love Classical influences in this style. I play myself, and have been inspired by guys like Yngwi.U.Roth,Blackmore, and many others as far as guitarist go, not to mention the Classical Composers. I've heard a lot of players try to do this style in the past, and present , and it sounds like you are really nailing it. What kind of amps did you record with? Sounds Killer. Will you tour in San Diego? I'd love to come check you out. I noticed you had Barry Sparks on bass. I saw him with Yngwie in 94', and he's fantastic. Hope to hear from you. See Ya.

-Anthony Lococo

San Diego, Ca

George, you would have to be the biggest influence in my guitar playing ever. I'm 19 years old and I have both of you're albums, Turn Of The Millenium, and Mind Over Matter. My favorite compositions are The Awakening, Breath Of Life, Destiny,Forever In Time, and most of all Everlasting. You're shit's wild.I got you're first album last year, and I was speechless. I was the first person in Australia to put an order on you're second CD. I just want to meet you because I have about 100 questions I want to ask you. Keep those albums coming. Keep practicing you're arpeggiation idea's, especially like those in the second phase of Everlasting. Those are fucking fast! What the hell were they?

Luke Walters



I never heard of you until three weeks ago when I heard some recommendations on the web and ended up getting "Turn of the Millenium" Boy was I impressed with that one! Then I found out that your new one was coming out the next week. I got "Mind Over Matter" the day it was released and love it also. Anyways I just want to complement you on the wonderful music you make. Regardless of what the mainstream thinks there are still alot of out here who love metal and pro/melodic rock. Thanks for making the music some of us still love and try and come up here to see the fans in Rochester, NY for a show.

Steve Bauer

Dear Mr. Bellas,

My name is Steve Pollick and I just bought your new record "Mind Over Matter" and it just blew me away. In a way it kind of pissed me off knowing that you can play so unbelievably good. I feel players like yourself are overlooked in today's music, especially with the guitar magazines. I have just a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind me asking. For one thing- what kind of distortion are you using(rack gear/or pedals) because I love that sound? And what exactly did you practice to get that good? I have practiced scales, and arpeggios but when it comes to blazing all over the neck like you, I'm lost. One final question- how do you go from playing in your basement to being one of the top shred guitarist of today? For example, did you attend a music college or just played on your own and were discovered? Well, that's it. I hope this message gets to you.

one of your fans,

Steve Pollick

I wanted to say that you have been a huge inspiration to me as a player.Have you considered doing a website perhaps and maybe offer some online guitar instruction?..I would be interested to know if you plan on doing any touring...I notice that in the album notes you mention your influences and I was wondering if you were a fan of Hindemith? I have a couple of his books and enjoyed them...I got a chance to study with Shawn Lane at the NGSW in New Milford Ct in 93 and he had a big influence on what I listen to... I noticed that he had an influence on you as well. Well, thanks for reading this and if you every do a site or offer correspondence lessons or the like please let me know


To: GTBellas@***.com

Subj: Mind Over Matter...!! You've proven again that you are da man!! Thanks for the great music!

Ralf Walter


I am a very big fan and I actually did a review of Mind over Matter in Ill Literature, if you have heard of that magazine, it is more of a metal fanzine. I like to be honest, so everything i wrote in that review was truthful. The truth was that it was excellent and that's exactly what I wrote. I told the readers to pick it up if they appreciate really good music.I also had the pleasure of having your close friend, Joe Stump as my ensemble teacher this past summer at the Berklee summer guitar sessions in Los Angeles. I was talking about your album with another teacher and he overheard. That's how I found out you two are friends and then I discovered his name in the album credits. I am also sending a wav of me playing. I have been playing for over four years and piano for over eleven years. I am now 17. Let me know what you think.

Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you soon.


Subj: Mind over Matter.......

To: GTBELLAS@***.com

Hello!!! My name is Barron Keith and I believe that my next door neighbor and friend, Matt Mclaren, sent you an e-mail. I couldn't explain to him just how damn good that CD was so I had to buy him a copy instead!!! I bought the Barry Sparks album "Cosmo Squad" because I am a huge bass guitar fan (I have my own 5 string DEAN). After hearing that I asked Barry what else was really good as far as electric guitar work goes and he recommended I guess that you can thank him for introducing us!!!


Hey, my friend bought your cd "Mind Over Matter." He liked it so much that he bought several more copies and started handing them out. Now I have one and oh my god I can see what he was saying. It is the best guitar and bass playing I have ever heard. I really like how Barry Sparks plays that bass. I have another instrumental cd that he plays in. I am about to e-mail them too. I just felt that needed to be said.

Thanx for your time and i hope you continue to put out great music like this.

Matt McLaren


Nicholas from Singapore here. I just want to say wow! I just got your new album at Tower Records. I love it, especially the song 'Airborne. I was wondering if there were any tab books that you have for your songs on the new album and on turn of the millennium. I would very much like to learn your songs and 'try' to play them. Is there any way that I can obtain tabs to the songs in your albums? Pls mail me.






Jordan, Egypt

Hey George,

How are ya? I understand you put together a tour. Any chance you may come to the New Orleans area? If not how close? I like both your solo disc & the John West, Mogg-Way disc as well. Don't have the new Vitalij yet, but it will be among my next purchases. Any other recordings you play on? Anyway heres hope to seeing you in New Orleans.

Todd Schnell

I loved edge of the world. Is there a tour in the works with Phil and Pete. Keep on rocking


Hey George!

Are you planning a new CD yet ?

You sure are a very talented Guitarist, hope to see something new soon.

Talk to ya soon,

Teddy Möller


Subj: WOW!!!!!!

To: GTBellas@***.com



Subj: You're The Best

To: GTBellas@***.com

George, my name's Alexandre from Brazil, but can call me by nick name (Xambi), I've 35 years old. Sorry, but don't known English. For me you're the best because you put feeling in your music. Others have only much technique and speed, but not feelings.I'd like too, but not how like you. I'd like to known what pick ups you use in your guitars and what model of guitars you playing and if you go record CD with Mogg/Way again.

Congratulations and go ahead.




I bet that 90% of your email consists of fan drivel. You must be tired of hearing questions like 'where did you learn to play like that?'. Too bad because I am of those fans that don't really have anything important to say, but had to write to express admiration for your music. I enjoy both of your albums and I was wondering when you plan to put out a new one. Have you ever considered recording with an orchestra like Malmsteen did? The song entitled "Orchestral Suite" from Mind Over Matter should be called Bellas' Art of Fugue! Some great contrapuntal writing!

I won't bother you with any more fan questions. Just one more thing: where did you learn to play like that?


Eduardo (a Brazilian fan)



Your sound KILLER George! Best version of Mother Mary I've ever heard. I've already turned two friends on to your guitar greatness. "Totaled" is hot. Best song on the CD is "Change Brings a Change". Play on!!! Jerry

Subj: Email from a fan



First I'd like to tell you that I love your new album, Mind Over Matter and I really appreciate your interest in keeping the neoclassical flame burning brightly. I thought your first album, Turn of the Millennium was phenomenal but unfortunately the CD changer in my car was stolen and that was one of the CDs that happened to be in the cartridge at the time of the theft.

There were a few people you'd mentioned who'd been "an incredible inspiration" to you who I am unfamiliar with. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the following people: Walter Piston, Ted Greene and Trent Gardner.

Thanks for keeping it pure,

Scott Greenberg


My name is Sebastian,am from Quebec in Canada. I have 2 of your CD and what can I say................ WOW........You are amazing man!!!! Am a big fan of the speed shred guitar player like STUMP,IMPELITTERI,MALMSTEEN,BECKER. But you are better,faster and cleaner of all this guy!!! You have build your own style. I have some questions for you. -1-What is the thickness of the pick you use? -2-What kind of strings you use and what gauges for each? -3-Do you use a scalloped neck? -4-About how many years you play guitar? -5-What is your action at the 21 frets? thanks man keep on shred man.



Subj: Hello from Japanese fan


Dear George,

Hi George, how are you? I hope you are very well. My name is Yuki,I'm a Japanese fan. I saw your name on UFO MB, so I wanted to say hello from Tokyo. I enjoyed "Edge Of The World" and loved all songs, especially "Saving Me From Myself" is my favorite. The song sounds very beautiful, emotional to me, I would like to hear the song on live. I think your guitar and Phil's voice matches very very well. I've been UFO fan for years so I was so sad I couldn't see the show (because I was supposed to see the canceled show) and Michael's attitude was a great shock. But I believe Phil and Pete will come to Japan as MOGG/WAY and we will LOVE your play.... please come to Japan as soon as possible, will you?

Please take care and I'm looking forward to hear the news of tour and 2nd album!



Mr. Bellas

I got your E-mail address at the message board of The Ultimate Shred website. I was impressed with your first album. I think that many say your picking technique is great and your music remind of Yngwie Malmsteen. Of course I think so, too. But what I like the best of your first album is using counterpoint on "Everlasting". Many so-called neo-classical guitarists just play harmonic minor scale and diminished chords. I like polyphonic music. I have a plan to go to next NAMM show and travel around United States in February. I have heard that you teach at Prodigy School of Music. If you still teach, even if you don't teach anymore, I really would like to take a lesson from you. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Naoharu gHowe hYasuoka

I just wanted to let u know that I've been a shred fan for a long time and your album "Mind Over Matter" is truly a rockin album......keep up the killer grooves man

u don't know me but I'm familiar with alot of your work all the shrapnel releases and what is to come in 98... u have inspired me to pull the guitar out and give it a shot one more time, cause at one time i played fairly well ...... all i can say is thanks and keep playin, hopefully out soon, thanks for letting me type your cpu off and later..... also do u teach in the Chicago area, if u spend much time there anymore .... thanks again, tony


Hi there. I'm writing because I saw that you have a direct email address - that's so I'm not your average fan ( I work in the music industry) and I think that you have an incredible gift as a guitarist. I have been noodling on guitar now for 20 years and can't come close to playing a small fragment of your music, but I can truly appreciate the talent that comes along that can play melodically fast passages.

In my earlier days at PolyGram, I witnessed the same for Yngwie and Tony MacAlpine, who were both gentlemen to me. I had the misfortune of meeting Tony M at a small show in Newark the same day that Mercury/ Sqwauk dropped him...oofah! Anyway, keep the faith and continue to kick major ass!

Stan Miller

Simitar Entertainment Regional Sales Manager

Dear Mr.Bellas,

I have just gotten Mind Over Matter. I love it. Amazing as the first. (You probably get alot of letters like this) Your work has been quite inspirational. I am quite a fan of guitarists such as yourself, Yngwie, Friedman, etc... Do you do any touring. I am currently working on my demo. I am only 16, and it is so had to find really good musicians, my band has dwindled down to just me. Do you think i could send you a midi( or real audio or other, your choice of format) or two of my work for an opinion. I don't know anyone that considers progressive, neo-clasic etc.. even worth listening to. Just any criticism, weak and strong points. Only if you have any spare time though, it would mean a lot to me, but I understand you are probably quite busy. Thank you so much for your time.

A fan, and hoping to soon be a great guitarist-

^v^ Raven ^v^


I really dig your cds man! I hope all is well! My cds do well in japan im on apollon/bandai label. I recently played at GIT Tokyo and at the Tokyo music fair. Currently I have a new band cd coming out....we are called MAGNITUDE NINE.... take care and best of luck to you George! :)

Rob Johnson


Subj: I heard mind over matter.


Astounding, impressive. I though the neoclassical style was dead. Impressive work on the keyboards, i have always loved the harpsichord following the guitars. King Diamond used to do it a lot. Your album made me remember Malmsteem's Fire and Ice. I have never heard something like the orchestral suite coming out from a guitarist. Deen's work on the drums is as always impressive. Ive been a long time fan of him because of his work with Macalpine. I am a huge Macalpine fan, i have all his collection including his collaborations onand i saw you cited him as one of your influences. I loved the feel of Sparks on the bass guitar. Is he playing a fretless? It sounds like one. Anyway keep up the good work, you are excellent.

Subj: Millenium


Hello George, I was wondering if you have a website, any tablature for sale. I would also like to know if there is any way of getting one of your cds of mine autographed by you.

Thanks, a huge fan Robert

Hi George,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying your new release, "Mind over Matter".

Ever since Mike Varney played me a demo of yours over his car phone about a year and half ago, I was hooked. I really dig your neo classical style. I especially enjoyed the orchestral suite which allows you to branch out in a beautiful and "non-shred" kind of way. The Cd is a monster from start to finish. It really is refreshing to hear such good music with passion, integrity and talent, void of the commercial trappings that plague so many artists today. I wish you all the best and look forward to many more years of music from you!


Dan Pluta
Jacksonville, Florida

Subj: Mind Over Matter Thoughts


Hi George!

Just wanted to write and let you know that I was completely blown away by "Mind Over Matter"! Man, you can rip! I always enjoy hearing a musician who is totally dedicated to his instrument and not afraid to play at unheard of speeds, but who can maintain a sense of melody and good compositional integrity. "Mind Over Matter" has all the ingredients that I like. Classically influenced hard rocking instrumental work with mind-boggling solos on guitar, as well as the other instruments to boot! I love Deen Castronovo on drums as I have many recordings with him providing his incredible drumming. You've definitely developed your own personality on guitar and you stand out as unique in the crowd of today's technically adept players. I loved the all out shredding on "Fast and Furious" and "Black Hills", but my favorite track is "Airborne". The solo section with keyboards and guitar is nothing of brilliant. Did you play both parts? I also really enjoyed the "Violin Solo". Who performed that? All in all, a masterful performance! I look forward to future releases. I'll have to check out "Turn of the MIllenium" too. One last thing that I wanted to ask if you think this is possible. I would love to have the opportunity to send the CD booklet to you to sign and return to me and also I was wondering if you might consider letting a pick go as well? I'm a player also (not professionally) and I have a hobby of collecting guitar picks. I would love to add yours to the collection. I'll be glad to send payment along as well, just tell me how much. I can send a SASE to make it easy for you, so what do you think?

I hope to hear from you, and again, I look forward to future releases. Keep expanding your guitar vocabulary, and don't hesitate to shred every chance you get!

Take it easy,

Chuck Kirby

Subj: Mind Over Matter


I just bought Mind Over Matter and I think its awesome. Fast and Furious is one kick ass song. I love your sound I would like to know what gear you use to get it.

Do you know anywhere else that sells Turn of The Millennium besides Shrapnel records? When I ordered Mind Over Matter it took them over 2 months to get it to me, I want to order Turn Of The Millenium but not from them if I can get around it. I live in Arkansas and if you ever tour around here I would love to catch your show! I think you bring a total new approach to neo-classsical guitar. I play guitar myself and my favorite artists are instrumental ones except for Metallica, and it looks you have just made a spot on my list for favorite guitarists! I would be interested in knowing when your next album will be out? Thanks George and keep kicking ass!


Hi George!

My name is George Hanks, Jr. I'm writing to you to let you know I'm a big fan of yours. Your music is Outstanding. All the CD's you play on, including the Mogg-Way and John West CD's, are musically entertaining, intelligent & shredding. I am a musician/guitarist myself and I haven't been this inspired by a guitarist in a long time. Thanks George! I just got the new issue of Young Guitar magazine and I was pleased to see that there was an article on you in it. Unfortunately I cannot read Japanese so I do not know what the article said, but it was nice to at least see you in print. I was hoping that the magazine would have put some excerpts of your music in the article but they didn't. Maybe next time. Maybe now with 4 CD's under your belt, the American music magazines will get off there lazy asses and do some in depth articles with you.

Well that's all for now, I've taken up enough of your time. If, in the future, you ever intend to transcribe your music &/or do a video, of any kind, for publication or just for the hell of it, please let me know. I'd love to get copies of that stuff from you.

For myself personally, you are, without a doubt, one of the best and most inspiring guitarists to come along in a very long time. Please, keep up the great work.

Hey George,

Just wanted to drop ya a line and tell ya i think your playing on the new vitalij is ultra intense. it says he recorded at yer studio. does that mean metals best keyboardist was here in the chitown area?. also, my guitarist, Pete pacchio told me to say hi to ya. he doesn't sound like gilbert anymore. ha ha. hes got both yer cds and hes goin to your show coming up. we both think your shredding hard on the 1st west too. Pete ran into Varney at NAMM in January and mike told him he thought u were the best Shrapnel guitarist ever. so why didn't he sign ya in like 87 or whenever u first were sending him prodigy demos?? ha ha.

well, keep blasting dude


Subj: Re: Happy Birthday, George!


Hi George, how are you? I wanted to say out loud....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you best of luck on this special day and in the future.

With love,

Yuki Fukushima, your fan in Japan

Hi Mr Bellas!

My name is Jon and I´m from Sweden. I have some questions that I really hope you can answer: 1) How did your incredible technique develop? (please be as specific as possible)

2) When practicing do you suggest learning licks or just practice exercises and scales?

3) What method of picking do you use? Is it economy like Gambale or strict alternate picking (regarding scalar type runs) 4) Do you use the wrist or fingers (circular picking) or more arm movement when picking?

5) Did you practice by a specific routine or...?

6) Are you planning to release a instructional video or something similar?



P.S. "Turn of the Millennium" is a real masterpiece, I´m looking forward getting "Mind Over Matter".

Hey, my name is Robert Michael Lopez im from Midland Texas. Today is my birthday im 17 now. i just got ur Mind Over MAtter album man it rulz. i never heard sounds like that come outta fender b4.. im a guitarist i have 7yrs under my belt now and im kinda descent. im trying to put together some songs for my self.... so i read in the album thingy that JAMEZ Murphy helped out on the hes my fav guitarist he really is ur one of my fav guitarist u rock man! u like marty friedman hes one of my fav guitarist too well ill let u go man email me back ....seeya around keep up the good work!!!

l8trz Michael


I came to the show expecting the best...and was not disappointed.

If there's any way I can help spread the word about your releases or appearances just ask. Like I said, I've already been telling people about you for years. Please send me a list of your appearances, releases and the stores where they can be found. I know many people at work (Motorola) who would enjoy your music.

Hope to see you again soon and again let me say how pleased I am for the things that have happened for you.

Best Regards,

Rick Phillips

Dear George-

I got a copy of "Mind Over Matter." I must say, the album is awesome. I had heard you play on John West's Mind Journey, so I bought your second solo album. I'm going to buy your first pretty soon. I have a few questions- did you use a keyboard for the violin sound on "violin solo" and "the awakening?" How can I order music for your album? And, next time you're in the Seattle area, could you stop by and show me some stuff?


Hi George,

My name is Javier Leal, I live in Mexico. I am a friend of Marco,he told me to write you an Email since he doesn't have a computer at home. But first I would like to tell you that I am also a guitarist, I helped marco on his record playing keyboards and a little composing will probably play a few solos too. Your compositions and your playing have been a great influence on me, ever since Marco told me about you we were waiting for "Turn of the Millennium" to come out. We were expecting the greatest shred guitar record of 90`s, and we were right. It was the best guitar record to come out since "Perpetual Burn". Your compositions and your playing are incredible, you are a genius.



Hi George,

I´m a guitar player from Oviedo, Spain, and I play in a Progressive Band called Relative Silence, I write you to say that your playing is fantastic and that I have enjoy it a lot since I discovered it a few months ago in Francesco Fareri´s web, I also liked your work on Vitalij´s Kuprij record EXTREME MEASURES and also the work on John West´s MIND JOURNEY. Good work. Thanks for your time, I hope to know from you soon.

Pablo GarciaSpain

Hi George,

This is Karol from Slovakia. Firstly i have to say you are one of my most favorite guitar players and i love your style. I write for music website profiles of bands, reviews and so. i did your profile and used some photos from your website. i hope it is o.k. i would like to support your music more here in Slovakia. Could you send me a copy of your latest CD for review? also i can play it on radio rockshow /Flash radio/. please, check out your profile and let me know how you like it.



Hi George!!!

Today i got Mind Over Matter!!!

I am enjoying the full version of Airborne at this moment. Unbelievable!!! As all the neoclassical/shredding albums, it needs to be heard like six or seven times because all of the great music it has in this 71 minutes. I was very surprised to find your albums (They also had Turn of the Millennium) in the record shop!! I thought i had to order in Internet and wait a long time; but now i am here, enjoying you album!!! I will look forward your other albums very soon!

Thanks man, i´m very happy to write with such as a good musician like you!!!

Take care friend,

I have a question for you: how do you get such that soft sound for your fierce chops? What pick are you using, and do you have specific effects or something to get that soft, soft shred sound.

Hi George

I'm Franco a guitar player from Italy. I've heard 2 your songs only yesterday and i think that you're a great player. I play guitar since i was 8 years old and now i'm 18 years old and i think to have a superlative sweep technique and a great melody when i write my music; in fact I've tabbed your songs "Intigue" and "Airborne" in 2 hours. I have to come in USA the next month and i was asking if i could meet you so i can have the possibilities to see your playing and maybe to have the chance to do a my cd. Well i hope to receive your answer soon.


Franco from italy

Hello, My name is Hiroki ,from Japan Tokyo.

I've been listening your album 'Turn of the millennium ' sinse I started to play Guitar seriously. At that time , I only new some classic guitar player like John Williams or the blues player so when I heard it really made me crazy !! So , when I find your lesson immediately I ordered it online.



Hey George,

My name is Adam Ross. I'm a 21 year-old student at the Berklee College of Music. I am a huge fan of your music and your playing (which you may be able to tell in my music!!). Because of your prominence in the guitar community, it would mean a lot to me if you could "review" my music. Any critique, good or bad, would mean a lot to me. My website is at But for the mp3's, go to the site. Thanks a lot. Let me know what you think!!


Hi there!,

My name is Jorge Miranda, I'm from Mexico and I'm just another fan of your playing, your music rules man!!.


Jorge Miranda


Hi George,

Your new videos are totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool work my friend!

Francesco Fareri


Hey man ! Just wanted to say that your music fuckin' rocks. I'm a 17 yr old guitarist playing an Ibanez UV777 axe yet I always want to quit playing hearing guys like you, Yngwie (whos that ? haha), Vai, Becker, etc Too bad you don't live in HELLgium like I do, you could give me some cool lessons ! (: Greetingz

Bram De Sade


Hey George;

I have recently been injected by your ingenuous guitar work. What an inspiration you are, wow. I am a Hairdresser by trade. 39, female. I am into guitar oriented instrumental/hard rock. Just wanted to know If you have any tour dates planned for this year? Perhaps you will make it to L.A.? There are some great venues here that I am sure you would pack in. Would love to hear back from you at your convenience.

Thanks for your time; You are Kick-Ass!!

Fran Simhoni

My name is Marcelo Guarato and I live in Brazil how I said l love your guitar-work on musics like Forever in Time, Everlasting, Ripped to Shreds and Turn of The Millennium I taste the instrumental-music like Tony Macalpine, Joey Taffola, Vinne More, Mark Wood (violin), Frank Solari & Rick Furnari (Brazilian guitars) and more... But the music of Turn of The Millennium "é demais" Well, I think that Mind Over Matter is good like the debut..

Thanks one more time, George !!!

"Up the shred Guitar"


Mr Bellas,

My name is Brian Stokes I'm a student and close personal friend of Tony Smotherman. He's told me so much about you and i thought i would just let you know how unique and just plain out badass I think your playing and sound is. Keep playing and inspirng players like me and we will keep learning thanks for your time.

Fan and fellow shredder,

hello George,

I am a big fan. you are a brilliant musician and songwriter. i was wondering if there is any way i could get one of your personalized guitar picks. i would really appreciate it. thanks and take care, dean


I'm ur die-hard fans~ I'm very interest in ur Lesson~ Pls tell me more detail~


Hi George,

Are all the compositions in your albums as good as the MP3´s i´ve heard? If so, i must get them a soon as possible!!! I will try to get Mind Over Matter first, since it has Airborne in it!! I haven´t heard too much about you, but i can told you that your compositions are very tasteful and your technique is really impressive!! Thanks, and take care pal,


Hey, George!

I just bought your "mind over matter" CD and WOW, man! you're soooo awesome! i figure that anything from shrapnel records is great, but your cd has exceeded my expectations. i especially love "violin solo", even though it's only 40 seconds long. how the HECK do you play that one?! wow! i am a guitarist myself, and I'm just starting to get into shred, but it's really hard to play. hey, are you touring or anything? i'd really love to go out and see you sometime. i live in Maryland, near the Washington D.C. area. i know that shred doesn't seem to be all the popular around the states, but I'd really like to get the chance to see you live.

thanx for puttin out such a great, CD, dude....see ya!

pino colada

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been a fan of George Bellas for a while now, I have not been fortunate enough to see him play live, but hope to again some time in the future. I have just recently begun collecting guitar picks of my favorite guitarists, and as such I am writing what could be easily construed as a begging letter. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any of George's picks, so I was hoping, somewhat cheekily I know, that you may be able to tell me if there is anywhere that I could contact in an attempt to receive some of his picks. My collection is still very small, and I would dearly love any of his picks to take pride of place.

I realize you must get requests like mine every day, but I would be extremely grateful for any information that you could give me.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

Simon Hatson.

Hi George,

You are the best Neoclassical player on the planet!!! I am Andrea, and you are one of the main influences I have!! In particular Extreme Measures is too good and there are cool shred works in it!!

Bye, write me soon,



Congratulation for your music. I have discovered your CD since a few months and I can just say houaaaaaaaaaaa great !! Thank's you very much for your answer.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

Frederic Roth


I`m from Brazil... I love your music since `98 and in my opinion your the best guitar in the word!!!

Mr. Bellas

My name is Heather Witherspoon. I received your "Mind Over Matter" cd in the mail just yesterday. I am very pleased. My father and I are big fans of Tony MacAlpine, Steve Vai, and Vitalij Kuprij -- which is actually how I heard of your name. I liked the work you did with Mr. Kuprij so I looked you up at Guitar 9 records. Thank you very much for sharing your talent with anyone who cares to listen. I can not accurately describe your music without loosing something so I will just say this -- it was simply refreshing. I wanted to know if you tour anywhere. I live in Akron, Ohio--so anywhere in the surrounding five states I would be willing to go. Thank you very much for your time. If you keep creating such music, I'll keep listening. God Bless.

Yours Truly,
Heather M. Witherspoon

Hi George: Just wanted to say hello. i really think 'Turn of the Millennium' is a classic disc. i enjoy the craziness of it alot. Not many instrumentals have moved me since the late 80s shrapnel stuff but TOTM is great. Keep up the good work. I play guitar too and keys.

take care,

Dear Mr. Bellas,

I am a big fan of your music and guitar work, and I must say you are an amazing guitarist! I wanted to ask you how many years you have been playing guitar, and how much do you practice daily? Once again, awesome playing, speed-of-light sweeps, AIRBORNE RULES!

Best Wishes and Thank You for Your Time,

Alexandr Petrov

Hello.My name is Ken Usami. I'm from Japan and I'm 16 years old! I like Mr.George's guitar work very much! Also I like Yngwie and other guitarist who plays fast! I'm learning guitar from 11 years old! Some day I want go to Mr.George's school. My dream is to be the greatest guitarist of the world! I was inspired by your guitar play!

Take care! Good Bye,


Hello, you are so beyond amazing!!!

You're phenomenal, I have all of your albums Turn of the Millennium, Mind over Matter, and Extreme Measures "Vitalij Kuprij" but you were on it. I've been playing guitar for about 2 years and I just wanted to write you something thanking you for making me a better player. Just listening to you play is amazing. I was also wondering if you have any tablature from you songs, (I have the tablature for "Airborne" but that's it) because nobody can even come close to tabbing those pieces out and I think you probably can or know where I can get them? I was also wonder if you have video tapes of your self because its one thing to listen to what you play its another to watch you. I also just wanted to mention you got my vote for best Shredder in the world, I love Yngwie but I think you've got him beat, and I get a lot of shit when I tell people that. So I just wanted to praise you a little bit and maybe we can "chat" on-line sometime "it would be an honor."

Ok thanks for everything,

Hey George, your biggest fan here in the Virgin Islands. Can i have a password to check out the free lesson, I will purchase one month worth veryly.

Tony Smotherman

Virgin Islands

Hi Mr. Bellas!

I`m a 23 year old Norwegian, and I`ve listened to some of your music, and as far as I can tell, you don`t stand back at all from the guy`s you`ve listed as your influences. I dig both your sound and style and I can`t wait for the new album to come out!

If you`re ever coming to Norway to play, you`ve gotta let me know!! :)

Keep picking!

Jan E. Ludvigsen


Hi Bellas,

You are my fav guitar player. My name is Hussain I am 20 from Kuwait. I play guitar every day with your albums because you are the best.

thank you bellas you are the best forever.




Hey George!

My name is Håvard, and I'm from Norway! I'm a huge fan of your music and you are one hell of a guitarist! I myself have been playing guitar for 4 years now. I absolutely love it! I've been into a studio and recorded some songs, and I was hoping maybe you could listen to them and tell me what you think....?

Hope to hear from you soon George!!

Shred On!!



You are a guitar men of the sounds track of the CD in your site ??? INCREDIBLE ! You are a monster !!!!! i listen now "Airborne" !! i ask you : you are a famous guitar men in the world ?? can i find your CD in Italy ??



Hey George

After owning your first album for a couple of months now - I'm finally starting to 'get it' and it is fast becoming one of my favorites. But the one thing that strikes me is that although your songs are very 'clever' and complex there is alot of speed playing scattered throughout the album - don't get me wrong I love it and know you're a well rounded well educated musician but why such an extreme show of speed - your stuff even tops the most outrageously extreme works by Liszt and Ravel, Alkan ect. why? No disrespect intended - I'm genuinely interested!

Yours Sincerely

James Boy

New Zealand

Hi George.......

First of all let me say that you are an incredibly talented musician and an even more incredible guitarist. My name is Joel Gregoire and I have been a fan of instrumental music for a long time. I just wanted to drop you a line, first and foremost out of admiration, and also to just introduce myself. I also have a website with some sound clips and other goodies on it and would like to invite you to check it out.

Very nice to meet you and keep inspiring.

Joel Gregoire

My name is Mabel and I teach music at a British College in Buenos Aires ( St. George's College ).

One of my pupils brought one of your cd's and I'm very interesting on find a video of your concerts. I sing opera and jazz and I'm pianist too so I appreciate the quality of your music. I'll be very pleased if you can tell me how I can buy your videos (if you have got).

Thanks a lot,


Buenos Aires

Hi George,

First off I would like to complement you on your great site and fabulous guitar playing. I am a big Mark Boals fan and I'm am looking forward to the release of The Oracle in Europe (I live in Holland). The samples I've heard from the album sound great and it is through this that I first read about you. I've been playing guitar for quite some time now and my main influences up till recent were Queensryche, Dream Theater and Fates Warning among others. I'm currently practising Vai and Malmsteen material and am especially drawn towards neo-classical guitar playing.

Therefore I find your sound and technique so outstanding. You rank among the best players in the field today. I would really like to see you in action live :-) Good luck with your music and all!!


Mark Nelemans


Hello George,

I like your music, in special orchestral suite. I live in Tampico, Mexico, my name is Juan Manuel Vargas. I like classic music too in special Bach and Vivaldi.

Goodgye George,

Juan Manuel Vargas


Hi George !

I'm Valentino from Genoa (Paganini's city) . Have you a release date for your new instrumental album ? Is it just a dream or is there a possibility to see you and Vitalij on stage in Rome ??? Please let me now something , if you will came to Rome I will be there, You are one of my favorite musicians (I say musician , not only guitarist..) Waiting for a your really welcome reply, Ciao Valentin Italy

Hello. My name is YUUSUKE. I'm Japanese your fan. Is it really that you take part in Mark Boals' "RING OF FIRE"? It's great!! Do you come to JAPAN on band tour? I want to see your super guitar play. When do you release your 3rd solo album? I'm Looking forward to listening your neo-classical play!!

Good Bye,



I dont know if you read all your emails but im gonna give this a try anyway... I'm a big fan of yours, I'm always listening to MIND OVER MATTER, great work... I was just wondering what you like to do besides playing guitar??? I'm at a point where I don't know whether to follow a music career or do something else with my life, i love music and i love playing... I was just hoping you could give me your opinion on the matter... it would mean a lot to me...

Thanks even if you don't get to reply.

a big fan,

robert de almeida

Hi, is this your personal e-mail address and if so do you write to all your fans??? I like your playing very much, but hey thats real obvious, I have listened to mind over matter and find it to be a great album, congratulations on your success in a very tough industry, hope you continue with what you are doing... also, if you do receive this yourself, can you please send a reply (just to say you got it, don't have to write much), well good luck in the future and lets hope instrumental (and guitar oriented stuff) makes a huge comeback. Keep up the great work, you make me work very hard as well... thanks...

roberto toscano

Hi George!

I'm your biggest French fan! It's an honor for me to communicate with you. First let me tell you that "Turn of the Millennium" is my bible, that Mind over matter is monstrous and that your presentation on "Extreme Measures" is unbelievable. You are my shred first influence and I search to send you some of my hottest licks in mp3. I hope you'll have time to respond me, nothing could make me so happy and proud.




I am your big fan. It's interesting that i am a violin player, but i am fascinated by your amazing talent. I tried to figure out some of your solo by violin, like the solo in "Lost Time". I really like the song "Violin Solo" in the album Mind Over Matter. Would you please give me the tablature or entire scores of that song! I can imagine that how cool the song is played by violin!! Thanks!


Hi George. I am a big fan and admirer of your work. I was wondering how you get your sound. What kind of processor do you prefer. What settings do you use. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for any help and your time,

Jeff Piuma




I am amazed by the way you play man , truly amazed , how can someone play like you can , it is unbelievable.

I have been playing since i was 15. I love the neoclassical shred thing , you do it beautifully as well as some other guitarists like yngwie... I have achieved the picking speed of micheal angelo , maybe a little very tiny bit slower by a mili-mili-mili second ( and some days i have to warm up for like an hour to pick fast again and some days it takes longer to pick fast again , it comes and goes , do you know why this happens?), but I don't know about you , you are a god at this. Your work of arpeggios are amazing, how many hours a day do u think I should be playing to be like you , right now i play from 3 to 5 hours a day , sometimes longer , i still feel it is not enough , so what do you here in Toronto, Canada.

You are a truly a virtuoso guitar master.

Thanx again, I hope to hear from you, it would be really nice and I would really appreciate it... ZIAD :)