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Venomous Fingers

Released November 18, 2003

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Venomous Fingers

Legendary American neo-classical guitarist George Bellas follows up his two solo Shrapnel Records albums "Mind Over Matter" and "Turn Of The Millennium" by releasing a fantastic solo album entitled "Venomous Fingers".

Bellas is well known for his work with Mogg/Way (UFO), Ring of Fire and many more, and the title of this 2003 release recalls Bellas' early practice sessions, which were long and hard to the point that his fingers began bleeding. He would put band-aids on them and continue practicing. Blazing shred, wicked arpeggios and heavy neo-classicism mark the latest release from one of the fastest players around.

"Ordained "Master of Neoclassical Guitar of the 2000's" by his peers, George Bellas has released his best and most impressive solo effort to date in 2003 with his latest album, Venomous Fingers."
Christopher Ruel
"Bellas reaches new heights on this album with his compositional depth and musical quality..."
Christopher Ruel
"The compositions themselves are mindbogglingly technical & earthy/human at the same time. How good is 'Venemous Fingers'? The best guitar instrumental CD I've heard & in the top 5 for favorite metal CD's."
"What about Bellas' actual guitar playing? Unparalleled, unrivaled, & unmatched."
"Making perfect use of his own studio, experience, and creativity to show his own world of music, George Bellas proved he is among the best progressive musicians of our times."
Rock United
"George Bellas has it in all areas, songwriting, playing everything, and total effect."
"George Bellas third solo CD release amply titled “Venomous Fingers,” is a tour deforce of neoclassical and progressice guitar shredding."
Hard Rock Haven
"There are plenty of over the top shredders who lack insight into melody and phrasing. George is definitely not one of these players; his taste for converging neoclassical and progressive styles of music is exemplified in this release. He has a keen sense for melody and adds musical dynamics by incorporating counterpoint, odd meters and orchestral textures to his songs."
Hard Rock Haven
"Faster than many and more melodic than many who are fast, George Bellas gives a taste of neoclassical ecstasy with tracks such as “Journey To The Stars,” “Above and Beyond” and especially “Forever.”"
Ytse Jam
"Nothing but the best from George Bellas; all his releases are very consistent and all his fans and people who love Neo-Classical fusion/Metal, will truly enjoy this release."
Frets, Axes, Riffs

Released Worldwide
Lion Music Records


  1. Discovery
  2. Journey To The Stars
  3. Shedding Skin
  4. Above And Beyond
  5. Lightspeed
  6. Unearthed
  7. The Son
  8. Adrenalin Rush
  9. Symphonia I
  10. Symphonia II
  11. One Last Wish
  12. Run For Cover
  13. Forever
  14. Timewarp
  15. Mayhem

Running Time 55:39


  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • George Bellas - Bass
  • George Bellas - Keyboards
  • George Bellas - Drums
  • Composed by George Bellas
  • Performed by George Bellas
  • Produced by George Bellas
  • Mixed by George Bellas
  • Mastered by George Bellas
  • Artwork by George Bellas
  • © 2003 George Bellas
  • ℗ Bellas Tune Factory, BMI.


Paragraph Title

Thanks to Lars Eric Mattson and all at Lion Music. Another huge and eternally grateful thanks to my family and lifelong friends for all of the never ending support and understanding of my ambitious creative goals and high-volume work ethic. And one more deep and heartfelt thank you to my students and fans around the globe. You are the amazing ones.
George Bellas