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Turn Of The Millennium

Released May 20, 1997

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Turn Of The Millennium

George Bellas' debut release, "Turn Of The Millennium", is an album of intensely heavy compositions with odd-time meter and neo-classical, progressive overtones. The CD features some extended tracks--check out the 12 minute "Everlasting" or the 9 minute "Monolith". Bellas leads the way for a new breed of guitar players as he explores the outer realms of cutting-edge guitar music, blending crunch and speedy neo-classical guitar. Kevin Chown, as always, is tremendous on bass. "Turn Of The Millennium" also features Deen Castronovo on drums.

"Bellas leads the way for a new breed of guitar players as he explores the outer realms of cutting-edge guitar music..."
Shrapnel Records
"George Bellas was one of the most promissing guitar heroes thet emerged from the SHRAPNEL RECORDS label! The guy has an impressive technical arsenal and the word progressive shredder can describe best his style!"
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"We have many tracks of more than 10 minutes - some uptempos and slow ones - the keyboard work is impressive too, not only the guitar, which is brilliant!"
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Released Worldwide
Shrapnel Records


  1. Turn of the Millennium
  2. Ripped to Shreds
  3. Everlasting
  4. Relentless
  5. Survive
  6. Voyage in Time
  7. Future Music
  8. Eternity
  9. Monolith
  10. Forever in Time
  11. Lightyears

Running Time 70:00


  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • George Bellas - Keyboards
  • Deen Castronovo - Drums
  • Kevin Chown - Bass
  • Brad Kaiser - Drums
  • Mike McCarron - Drums
  • Matt Guillory - Keyboards
  • Composed by George Bellas
  • Produced by George Bellas
  • Recorded at Bellas Music Studio
  • Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios
  • Recorded at Opal Studios
  • Recorded at Octagon Studios
  • Recorded at Sound Temple Studios
  • Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios
  • Mastered at Sound One
  • Art Concept by George Bellas
  • Artwork by Dave Stephens
  • © 1997 Shrapnel Records
  • ℗ Varney Metal Music, BMI


Thanks to Deen Castronova, Kevin Chown, Matt Guillory, Mike McCarron, Brad Kaiser, James Murphy, Mooka at Prairie Sun Studio, the crew at Opal Studios, along with Mike Varney and all at Shrapnel Records. It is with the deepest gratitude that I would like to eternally thank my family for their patience and understanding of my passionate commitment to my creativity, for whom without none of this would be possible.
George Bellas