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Mind Journey

Released May 30, 1997

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Mind Journey

Lead vocalist John West (Artension) breaks out "Mind Journey" featuring Shrapnel solo artist George Bellas on guitar, Barry Sparks (Malmsteen, MSG) on bass and drummer Mike Terrana (Malmsteem, MacAlpine) plus keyboardist Matt Guillory. The players join forces to create a neo-classically flavored album reminiscent of progressive metal bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow and Rising Force.

"Bellas and Gullory are soloing all over this thing, and drummer Mike Terrana's playing is also quite gratuitous, but it's not like they're throwing in tasteless technicality"
Encyclopaedia Metallum
"The album seems more like a band effort (lots of wicked guitar and keyboard solos from George Bellas and Matt Guillory respectively) as opposed to simply being a vehicle for a vocalist to display his enormous talent."
Encyclopaedia Metallum
"...Rippin' support players, like guitarist George Bellas and keyboarder Matt Guillory, both of whom contribute songs here. Lead track, Eastern Horizon comes from Guillory, and it's my favorite, followed by Bellas' Castle is Haunted."
George X

Released Worldwide
Shrapnel Records


  1. Eastern Horizon
  2. Lady Ice
  3. Fair Trade
  4. One Way
  5. Mind Journey
  6. Castle Is Haunted
  7. Veil Of The Blind
  8. Dragon's Eye
  9. Hands In The Fire
  10. Lost In Time

Running Time 60:33


  • John West - Vocals
  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • Barry Sparks - Bass
  • Matt Guillory - Keyboards
  • Mike Terrena - Drums
  • Composed by John West, Lonnie Park, George Bellas & Matt Guillery
  • Produced by Mike Varney
  • Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios
  • Mastered at Sound One
  • Artwork by Dave Stephens
  • Recorded at Prairie Sun
  • © 1997 Shrapnel Records
  • ℗ Varney Metal Music, BMI


Thanks to John West, Barry Sparks, Matt Guillory, Mike Terrana, James Murphy, Mooka at Prairie Sun Studio, along with Mike Varney and all at Shrapnel Records. And one more very important big thanks to my family, friends, and fans around the globe.
George Bellas