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Hundred Year Flood

Released September 10, 2002

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Hundred Year Flood

Magellan's latest is Hundred Year Flood, a lush and satisfying record dealing with themes of loss and strength, and more specifically, the death of Gardner's brother in Vietnam. A number of luminary special guests including George Bellas, Tony Levin and Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson appear on the disc as well.

"Hundred Year Flood is Magellan's fourth album and in my opinion their best effort. "
South Side of the Sky
"The whole album is a beautiful display of music, featuring lush keyboard work, great guitar work, and some really great melodic and rhythmic work. "
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Released Worldwide
Magna Carta Records


  1. The Great Goodnight - I
  2. The Great Goodnight - II
  3. The Great Goodnight - III
  4. The Great Goodnight - IV
  5. The Great Goodnight - V
  6. The Great Goodnight - VI
  7. The Great Goodnight - VII
  8. The Great Goodnight - VIII
  9. The Great Goodnight - IX
  10. The Great Goodnight - X
  11. The Great Goodnight - XI
  12. The Great Goodnight - XII
  13. The Great Goodnight - XIII
  14. Family Jewels
  15. Brother's Keeper

Running Time 51:12


  • Trent Gardner - Keyboards
  • Trent Gardner - Vocals
  • Wayne Gardner - Guitar
  • George Bellas - Guitar
  • Tony Levin - Bass
  • Ian Anderson - Flute
  • Robert Berry - Guitar
  • Written by Trent Gardner
  • Produced by Trent Gardner
  • Mixed at Magellan Studios
  • Mastered at:
  • Artwork by:
  • Recorded at Magellan Studios
  • © 2002 Magna Carta Records
  • ℗ Magellan, BMI


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Thanks to Trent Gardner, Mike Varney and Peter Morticelli at Magna Carta. Another warm and heartfelt appreciative thank you to my family, friends, and fans around the planet.
George Bellas