• Phil Mogg - Vocals
  • Pete Way - Bass
  • George Bellas - Guitar
  • Ansley Dunbar - Drums


  • Composed by MoggWay
  • Produced by Mike Varney
  • Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios
  • Mastered at Sound One
  • Artwork by Dave Stephens
  • Recorded at Prairie Sun
  • Published by Varney Metal Music, BMI

Edge Of The World

Audio Sample

Track Listing

  1. Change Brings A Change
  2. All Out Of Luck
  3. Gravy Train
  4. Fortune Town
  5. Highwire
  6. Saving Me From Myself
  7. Mother Mary
  8. House Of Pain
  9. It's A Game
  10. History Of Flames
  11. Spell On You
  12. Totaled

Running Time 61:17

Edge Of The World

Released June 24, 1997

Legendary English vocalist Phil Mogg and bassist Pete Way, known for their work as the backbone of international recording artists UFO, are reunited in Edge Of The World to deliver a collection of original aggressive rock numbers backed by stellar drummer Aynsley Dunbar (Bowie, Zappa, Journey, and many more) and Shrapnel Records' new guitar prodigy George Bellas. Bellas is in fine form, shredding and delivering his now trademark sweeps over the hard rock songs penned by Mogg and Way. A remake of UFO's great "Mother Mary" is also included on Edge Of The World, updated for the '90s, with Bellas providing the six-string fireworks.


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