• Vitalij Kuprij - Keyboards
  • George Bellas - Guitars
  • Jon Doman - Drums
  • Jon Onder - Bass


  • Composed by Vitalij Kuprij
  • Produced by Mike Varney
  • Mixed at Red Rock Recording
  • Mastered at Sound One
  • Artwork by Dave Stephens
  • Recorded at Bellas Music Studio
  • Recorded at Red Rock Recording
  • Published by Varney Metal Music, BMI

Extreme Measures

Track Listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Destination
  3. Extreme Measures
  4. Depression
  5. Chopin Etude #11
  6. Crying In The Shadows
  7. Track On Fire
  8. Chopin Etude #12
  9. Intrigue
  10. Beethoven Variations
  11. Epilogue

Running Time 61:57

Extreme Measures

Released August 11, 1998

"Extreme Measures", the title track, pulls out all the stops as Bellas asserts his abilities, demonstrating that he is truly a world class player, along with his Kuprij-predecessor, Greg Howe, as well as his obvious influence Yngwie Malmsteen. And, Vitalik Kuprij, well, his virtuoso talents are just assumed at this point after High Definition. But, unlike some predecessors, Kuprij has been able to maintain a comparable level of composition and proficiency to his debut release, on this, his second effort.

Anyway, the title track, "Extreme Measures" is a driving, vibrant instrumental that is carefully orchestrated and features some really scorching guitar work by George Bellas. I had heard George Bellas' solo material (which is good on its own) prior to this release, but even then, I was not prepared for his playing on Extreme Measures. Bellas' guitar work on the track "Extreme Measures" is so conspicuously incredible that this single track will make you need to reevaluate his capabilities altogether. The sweeps are so smooth, fluid, and fast they are surreal, transcending the mechanics. The feeling is both inspiring, mesmerizing, and haunting at the same time. The precision and cleanness are staggering. The arrangement of the sophisticated, guitar-intensive runs and sweeps is brilliant. And, the emotional content that Bellas imparts to his playing is so clearly stated that he probably could not get it across better if he were to state it in words. Did I mention how amazing Bellas' sweep picking is? OK. I just didn't want you to miss this point!

Another notable track on Extreme Measures is "Track On Fire"... and the name is not misleading because this track is a-blazing fast and definitely ablaze with fire! Kuprij and Bellas trade off blistering fast lead work on "Track On Fire" as they reassert their prowess over their respective instruments. You are not going to believe Bellas' playing on this track as he fortifies his standing in the world class arena. And, again, Kuprij is right there taking it to him.

Review by Chris Ruel


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