Terms & Conditions

The following policy is for composition and guitar students of George Bellas. The terms set forth within this policy become effective at the start of lessons and remain in effect until further notice. Please read carefully. By starting lessons you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. 

Starting Lessons

George Bellas will call you via Skype to start each lesson, or you will join a Zoom lesson with a private link.  Please be available at your scheduled lesson time. The allotted lesson time will not be extended nor be made up at a later date if the student is late or absent.


  1. Payments are due on the last paid lesson day of the month. This secures the lesson time and allows to schedule accordingly. 
  2. A late fee of $25.00 will be applied if the lesson payment is late. 
  3. Payments may be made online or in person. 


  1. Missed lessons are forfeited and non-refundable. 
  2. Monthly lessons must be used within a four week period. 
  3. Students are expected to be on time and well prepared for the lessons. 
  4. Students must stay focused and on topic during the lesson. 
  5. Be courteous when an example is being played or during an explanation. 
  6. No unauthorized video or audio recording. 


  1. Students are expected to have all assignments completed by the next scheduled lesson unless otherwise specified. 
  2. Any questions that arise in between lessons will be addressed at the next scheduled lesson.
  3. No selling, sharing, or redistributing the lesson material. 

Thank you for your cooperation and for your interest in the various types of music education services offered.

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