The Extinction Of Man

by George Bellas


In the not so distant future, after several millennia of expanding and exhausting it's fuel, a nearby star in the Orion Group went supernova. It has left behind what was once a haven for life, now a desolate, barren wasteland of rock. Plagued with a scorched, uninhabitable planet, the human race that thrived for thousands of years has come to an end. This is a story depicting the end of humankind as it where...

Album Production

Composer George Bellas' new album "The Extinction Of Man" is in full production. All the parts for the new album have been scored and are currently in the process of being recorded. The music on "The Extinction Of Man" was composed during a several week period in the summer of 2010.

Composition Design

George is recording all the guitar, bass, and keyboards, as well as orchestrating the instruments, and drumming legend Marco Minnemann is performing the drum parts. The music is heavily immersed in romanticism and is molded using some complex developmental forms that have not appeared on previous releases. Some pieces are of short to moderate length while others are just under or exceed the ten minute mark. The album has a total running time of approximately 80 minutes. Prepare yourself for some exquisite romanticism, Bellas style.

Much of the thematic material on this upcoming release was developed within very elaborate forms. The melodies were of utmost importance and much focus was devoted to developing them through various composing techniques. The harmonic schemes are colorfully rich and diverse, and the uniquely crafted rhythms are what has become to be a recognizable staple of George's composing style.


The Extinction Of Man
Composed by George Bellas.
Published by Bellas Tune Factory, BMI
International Copyright Secured.