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Optimizing Configuration Tips

The following are suggestions to maximixe the quality of video and audio for the best lesson experience.

Hi-Quality Webcam

Using a hi-quality webcam will enable me to see you clearly and help in making accurate assessments regarding your form and technique. It has no affect on the quality of video you receive from me.

Hi-Quality Microphone

Using a hi-quality microphone will enable me to hear you clearly and efficiently. It has no affect on the quality of audio you receive from me. Some webcams have a built-in microphone, this is usually sufficient, but a dedicated microphone will typically give better results. This has no affect on the audio-quality that you hear from me.

Hi-Speed Internet Service

This affects how fast your computer can display and send video. This is a crucial ingredient for smooth video. If you have a cable modem or DSL you will be fine. Generally, if you can upload and download at 1.5mps or faster that will be sufficient for good performance.

Fast Computer

A newer computer will be able to decode the video information more efficiently and help eliminate poor video quality. It doesn't have to be the latest greatest, but don't expect optimal performance on an ancient machine.

Sound System

For a completely immersive experience, a sound system connected to your computer is recommended opposed to the built-in speakers of your computer. Built-in speakers will certainly work, and will allow you to hear the lesson, but having a dedicated speaker system allows you more volume and to be immersed in the sound.

Close All Other Applications

Closing all other running applications on your computer will help dedicate processing power to decoding the video and audio, which will result in smoother video performance.

Limit Household Bandwidth Usage

It is recommended that your computer is the only one accessing the internet during the lesson. If you share your internet connection with others through a router, your computer will be prone to choppy video playback. Ask others that share the internet connection to please wait until after the lesson.

Keep Software Up-To-Date

Keeping your software up-to-date ensures that you are utilizing the fastest and most reliable version of the software. Although, in some cases you may find that an older version is best suited for your computer and operating system. Check with the software developer to determine the system requirements.

George's Setup

For Live Online Video Lessons George uses:

  • Hi-Definition Webcam
  • Dual Microphones
  • Hi-Speed Internet Connection